We produce STAND Cooking & Baking spray Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Vegetable Oil products in tin cans with Bag-On-Valve (BOV).STAND’s aim is to meet the satisfaction of our customers’ needs with the high quality products.


  • STAND Spray Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • STAND Spray Flavored Olive Oil
    • Garlic Flavored
    • Chili Pepper Flavored
    • Thyme Flavored
    • Basil Flavored
  • STAND Cooking Spray Canola Oil
  • STAND Baking Spray Canola Oil
  • STAND Cooking Spray Sunflower Oil

We DO NOT use any Gas like LPG/DME etc. in our products. We use only pure Cooking Oil and compressed air. We aim to protect our environment and the human health. Therefore all of our products DO NOT contain GAS!