PL is our strongest side.

For a real taste: STAND Cooking Spray

Save money and enjoy your meal with STAND Cooking Spray.

We claim and declare that PL is our business.Our strongest and most ambitious side is our entrepreneurship on PL. We produce all kinds of Private Label products in line with the requirements and recommendations of our customers.

STAND Cooking Spray is the perfect partner for the private label production of all your Cooking Sprays.

While you are concentrating on the marketing of your products we are producing for you.Thanks to our wide range of edible oil and packaging, we fulfill our customers' PL requirements with utmost diligence and loyalty. You can choose from various packaging materials such as tin cans or aluminium cans in various sizes. You could opt also for various actuators as shown below.

Either you send your label desings or you ask us to design it for you. You do not lose time with troublesome printing house, packaging and raw materials Bring your digital, ready to print label artwork or allow us to utilize our top of the line graphics software to take your ideas and requirements to your own Label products in as little as few days.

We have no problem working with you in full compliance with all of your standards and requirements.


1.Product Design and Presentation:All design in preparation to production, presentation staged and obtaining the approval (Preliminary Preparation, Graphic and Technical Drawings).

2.Formula Study:Preparation of the product's formula in the direction of customer's demand and production of the sample.

3.Tests:Conformity Tests in the direction of product's aim for its using (dermatological, microbiological, etc)